The economic mission

The economic mission aims to develop commercial exchanges between companies.

During the Mission Jeanne d’Arc, companies benefit from business meetings scheduled by the Brest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On the basis of the companies' requirements, a schedule of about ten meetings is organised by the experts of the Economic Missions-Ubifrance and/or with the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad.
This business meeting schedule, funded by the partners (Brest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Brest métropole océane, Finistère County Council), allows companies to:

  •     Get a better understanding of the market: MED E COM met about 15 companies during the missions to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It was able to evaluate the main participants’ interest, commercialise some demonstration products and start negotiations.
  •     Strengthen the company image: during the mission to Casablanca, EMBALLAGE TECHNOLOGIES demonstrated to ten prospective clients/potential buyers the relevance of its solutions hence reinforced its visibility.
  •     Meet customers and retailers: during the mission to Singapore, BRITEXA took part in 8 meetings which led to the shipping of containers to two companies.
  •     Establish abroad: following the Abu Dhabi mission, PRORISK INTERNATIONAL decided to settle in the United Arab Emirates and cover the nearby countries.

Some 150 companies from the Brest area, about 12 a year, have already taken part in these missions.

Furthermore, companies can invite their prospective clients and customers aboard the ship for a presentation of Brest, followed by a reception.
This prestigious public relation operation is designed for the current of future customers of participating companies and enterprises.
The Mission Jeanne d'Arc is France’s diplomatic showcase, and Brest’s finest ambassador abroad.


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